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CATS offers two types of memberships: League Play, for those who want to play tennis full-time, and Social/Sub, for those who want to attend the social events and/or play tennis only occasionally as a substitute. A year’s membership in CATS runs from September 1 through August 31 of the next year.

Who Is Eligible

CATS welcomes men and women tennis players who are at least 21 years old, and who play at least at intermediate level. In order to determine which division would be the best fit, prospective members should attend the annual try-out evening to be rated, or they can be rated by one or more current members.

Former CATS members are welcome to rejoin.

League Play Membership

A League Player is a member who is drafted to play on a team. A full-time player will be scheduled to play approximately half the nights during a session. Membership includes a reduced rate to all CATS’ social events.

For new members, a one-year League Play membership costs $40. For renewing members who pay between July 1 and August 31, a one-year League Play membership costs $35, but $40 after September 1.

Summer Session: It is possible to join CATS for the June – August Summer Session. New members have the option to join for $15, and then, if they want to remain in CATS, pay an additional $25 to have their membership extended through August 31 of the next year.

Social/Sub Player Membership

A Social/Sub Membership offers the opportunity to substitute in league play up to three times per session and a reduced rate to CATS’ social events. Playing more than three times per session requires a Social/Sub Member to upgrade to League Player status.

Since Social/Sub members have already paid $15, they are eligible to play on a team full-time during the summer for no additional membership fees. New players may join for the Summer Session as Social/Sub members and play full-time; they can extend their memberships through August 31 of the following year for an additional $25.

For new and renewing members, a one-year Social/Sub membership costs $15.

Court Fees

Court fees are $16 per night. League Play members are expected to pay their court fees in full on their first night of play in a session. When a player subs for another player, he or she is expected to pay a $16 sub fee that night. The money is passed to the player who was scheduled, as reimbursement for that night’s court fee.

To Join CATS or Renew Your Membership

To join CATS online, please fill out the registration form here.

To renew your CATS membership online, please login to the Members Only section and click the renew link at the top of the page.

Paying Electronically with Zelle

Using Zelle, you can make payments to CATS from the web or your mobile device in seconds. Payments are free, fast and secure. CATS still accepts cash and checks.

Sending Zelle Payments to CATS
1. Send payments to
2. Enter the dollar amount you intend to pay
3. In the Message/Memo field, write your name and the purpose of the payment. For example: “John Smith, $45 for holiday party” or “John Smith, 3/14 sub fee for Bob Jones (Level C/Team Jones)”
4. Follow on screen instructions to send the payment
5. You will likely receive a confirmation email or message from your bank that the payment has been sent.

If you have any questions about your payment, contact the CATS Treasurer, Carolyn Popp, at

Updated April 2024

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