Election of New Officers — Candidates Wanted! (Continued) CATS’ bylaws require an election every other year, so this summer CATS will hold an election for president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary. If you’ve ever thought about helping to run CATS, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

CATS is managed by a board of twelve members consisting of the four elected offices and eight appointed positions. Officers serve two-year terms and work with the appointed board members to keep CATS running. Board meetings are held approximately four times a year, with occasional email communications between meetings, as the need arises. The officers will begin their terms on September 1, the beginning of CATS’ next fiscal year.

Candidates are not expected to campaign, but will be asked to submit a candidate statement indicating their interest in the position and ideas about it. Statements will be sent to all members before the voting in August.

If you are interested in running for one of the four offices, let Lina Chaves know of your interest by July 15. Lina can be reached at or 773-895-5529. Candidate statements will be due by July 22.

The duties of each office follow:

President (Having prior experience on the CATS board is a plus, although not a strict prerequisite for nomination to the office of President.)
• Throughout the year, collaborate with other board members to keep CATS running.
• Set the agenda for the board meetings, and run the meetings.
• Serve as primary liaison with our host club.
• Serve as an invited guest at social committee meetings.

• Order, store, and distribute prizes for seasonal and multiple-season winners.
• Chair the board meetings, if the president is unavailable.

• Handle receipts/payments, bank deposits, and maintain checkbook.
• Assist Team Captains and Division Coordinators by tracking court fee collections.
• Propose annual budgets for board approval and track progress.
• Provide periodic financial reports to the board.

• Take minutes at board meetings and distribute to board members in a timely fashion.

If there are no new candidates, then the current officers will be retained with no formal vote by the membership taken.
If you don’t feel quite ready to run for office, but want to get more involved in CATS, you can serve as a team captain or join the Social Committee to help plan and run events.

As CATS observes its 50th anniversary this year, we’re not only looking back, we’re looking forward. On September 1, our name will change to Chicago Area Tennis Society to reflect who we are today. The website is being updated to add online signup and to make sure it is compatible with current phones and tablets. Now, we need you to help keep CATS going for another fifty years!

Name Change (Continued): Chicago Advertising Tennis Society will be known as Chicago Area Tennis Society as of September 1, 2019, the beginning of the next CATS year. CATS officers unanimously approved changing the name of our 50-year-old club at the April meeting of the CATS Board; the name change was announced at the 50th birthday party.

CATS was founded in 1969 by a group of friends who worked in advertising and loved playing tennis. Initially, membership was limited to amateur players engaged in the advertising, marketing, and sales promotion professions. In 1972, the first non-advertising players joined; over the years, the number of members who worked in advertising steadily decreased.

“It was time to change the name to reflect who we are today,” explained Bill Himmelmann, CATS President. “Keeping the acronym CATS was a must, so switching “Area” for “Advertising” made that easy. We are grateful to the advertising people who formed CATS, and appreciate its colorful history, but we’re not only looking back, we’re looking forward. We want our newest, youngest members and future members to feel welcome. They are the future of CATS, the people who will keep it going for another 50 years.”

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