Cool Team Tennis Opportunity! Continued from Home Page:

CATS members have been invited by Lakeshore to form teams for Team Tennis competition beginning next month. Each team will consist of 6-10 players. Play will be on six Saturday afternoons from either 4-5:30 PM or 5:30-7 PM, from November 11-January 28 (no play over the holidays), plus a playoff. Play will be at the 2.5-3.0 level, the 3.0-3.5 level, and the 4.0-4.5 level. There will be men’s and ladies’ singles, men’s and ladies’ doubles, and mixed doubles, followed by complimentary pizza and beer. It’s fun, fun, fun and ridiculously cheap – only $700 per team; for a ten-person team, that’s $70 per person, or only $15 per weekly team match!

See the attached flier for details.

If you would like to form a CATS team at your level of play with other CATS members, ask your friends to join you, and then contact Charles Phelps directly at LSF ( If you’re not sure how to proceed or how to put people together, contact your division coordinator for help. Or, you may sign up directly with Charles to participate as an individual. The deadline to sign up is October 20. If you need more information on the format, contact Charles at LSF or CATS member Michael Fox (

Election of New Officers Continued from Home Page:

Christine thanks CATS’ members “for your input and support for our officers, Division Coordinators, Social Committee and other board members. A special thanks goes out to the team leaders for their time and enthusiasm in kicking off the Fall Session.”

The board appointed Michael Fox to the new position of liaison to Lakeshore, and approved Lina Chaves as a new Board Member at Large.

The non-elected board members are:

League Coordinator: Jo Ellen Reed
Open Coordinator: Bob Henze
A Coordinator: Jose Valle
B Coordinator: Karen Brach
C Coordinator: Meg Givhan

Social Committee Chair: Jim Vahey

Membership Chair: Dave Herd

Director of Communications: Meg Givhan

Longtime member John Wagner is CATS’ historian.


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