Name Change (Continued): Chicago Advertising Tennis Society will be known as Chicago Area Tennis Society as of September 1, 2019, the beginning of the next CATS year. CATS officers unanimously approved changing the name at the April meeting of the CATS Board; the name change was announced at the 50th birthday party.

In addition to the changing the name, we’ve recently made our website interactive by adding online renewals and registration, with other features to come. It’s all part of keeping our 50-year old club up to date.

CATS was founded in 1969 by a group of friends who worked in advertising and loved playing tennis. Initially, membership was limited to amateur players engaged in the advertising, marketing, and sales promotion professions. In 1972, the first non-advertising players joined; over the years, the number of members who worked in advertising steadily decreased.

“It was time to change the name to reflect who we are today,” explained Bill Himmelmann, CATS President. “Keeping the acronym CATS was a must, so switching “Area” for “Advertising” made that easy. We are grateful to the advertising people who formed CATS, and appreciate its colorful history, but we’re not only looking back, we’re looking forward. We want our newest, youngest members and future members to feel welcome. They are the future of CATS, the people who will keep it going for another 50 years.”

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